5 Tips to Control Christmas Chaos {Video}

With just 5 days until Christmas, it can feel overwhelming when you look at your list of things still left to do!  Assuming you have bought most of your gifts, here are 5 tips (including two Apps) that will help you get organized and ready in time.  These will also help you next year when too!

If you haven’t bought all your gifts, you still have the weekend and some stores are still guaranteeing Christmas delivery if ordered by Saturday, December 22nd.  

1.  Apps to Organize (receipts & gifts)-

Lemon App (with Lemon.com)

courtesy of Lemon.com

Lemon Wallet allows you to store a digital copy of all of your cards—ID, insurance, loyalty and payment cards—so you can access them whenever you need.
Take a picture of everything in your wallet, and let Lemon create a digital version of it, including Receipts.
• Store your cards in the cloud and always have a backup in case your wallet is lost or stolen
• Make your wallet interactive, with real-time balance updates and transaction details
• Save at retailers with special offers, and connect with brands you love
• Earn merchant rewards, when you scan a payment card
• Personalize and enrich your wallet with great add-ons

Gift List Apps

Gift List App

Better Christmas List-$1.99

The Christmas List-$0.99

Gifts List Manager-$0.99

There are some free ones, but the paid ones seem more robust.
■ Track gift lists per person.
■ Track budgets, amount spent and cost for each person.
■ Keep optional notes for each gift.
■ Easily check off gifts that you’ve purchased.
■ View running totals for monetary levels and budget.

After the show, our producer, Stephanie, showed another app MyWishList.  It’s absolutely incredible and versatile for all year.  It scans UPC codes for items and stores the picture.  Check it out.


2. Finish cards and get mailed by Friday!

I used Plaxo this year to get all my contacts in order and reduced them down from 3 sources to this single one!  I love it!

Your address book is full of people who won’t stay still. New jobs, new homes, and new social networks make it difficult to keep track of it all.  Plaxo pulls it together automatically so your address book is always up-to-date, accurate, and ready to go when and where you need it. Because change happens.

3.  Wrap Gifts

*Containerize gifts for each person so that you can see how much you have for each person.

*As you wrap, place back in that container.  Makes it easy to keep track of what is left and also to bring down to tree.

*Wrap a few gifts a day and consider gift bags and pre-wrapped containers to save time.

4.  Buy Stocking Stuffers-

*Don’t over do it!

*Buy consumable or very useful things (tweezers, gum, socks, DVD/CD, restaurant cards, hair ties, Chapstick, candles…)

*Avoid the dollar bins or silly items and toys that you will throw away in a few months.

5.  On Christmas Day-

*Give each person a trash bag to stuff wrapping in

*Once you are done unwrapping, begin to unpackage toys and gifts, getting all the ties, plastic and paper into trash bags.  This gets the clutter out of the main living area.

*For any bows or gift wrap that you can re-use, just gently place in a container or larger bag










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