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amy volk

Amy’s passion for creating simple solutions for the home & office has allowed her to create functional & beautiful spaces for the past 8 years. Teaching you how to maintain a simplified life, her philosophy is based on the need for simplicity and de-cluttering in our “stuff-driven” culture.  Her expertise in organizational skills were honed as a Naval Officer, Registered Nurse, Corporate Trainer, business owner, and mom of twins.

Through Amy’s Virginia Beach-based firm, the Simplified Living team consults with individuals, small business clients, and corporations such as NASA, local physicians, and homeowners. Amy’s team is down-to-earth and realistic in their approach & has helped people from all walks of life including high-profile execs and companies achieve their organization and productivity goals.


simplified Living

Amy and her professional team at Simplified Living also provide time-management skills, performance activities, and work-life balance. Amy has captured the attention of both television and print media where her regular segment of Organize Your Life” appears on The Hampton Roads Showthe local NBC station, as well as through speaking and guest appearances throughout our region. The Simplified Living team helps others understand their disorganization before teaching them the skills they needs to get and stay organized!

Simplified Living: discover the joy of a life made simple. It’s the savvy solution for organized living. Change the way you THINK about your STUFF!