Organizing Sports and Water Bottles

organizing sports and water bottles

I don't know about you, but I find plastic cups and water bottles frustrating to keep organized. They are awkward, tall, don't stack well, so after a lot of digging through my cupboards to them, I finally had an ah-ha moment! Watch the video to see how I organized all our sports and water bottles! Organizing sports and water bottles in containers will make your life so much better. The container you use only needs to fit the cupboard and be easy to slide in and out, so whether it's plastic or wicker or cardboard, it ... [Continue Reading]

12 Days of Christmas for the Home {Day 8}


For the most part, I don't have a sweet tooth. But, I love to bake and during the holidays I let myself indulge in the normal no-n0's: Egg nog, sugar cookies, peanut butter bon bon's, fudge, and gooey butter cake. In this 8th day of the 12 Days of Christmas for the Home series, it's all about holiday baking.  Do you have family favorites or family traditions that you always make?  I have about 3 staple recipes that I make every year, but I like to try new ones as well.  Since I switched to a Paleo lifestyle this ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing for Thanksgiving Day: A Timeline {video}

thanksgiving planning

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be stressful!  Start organizing for Thanksgiving Day right now by following these tips!  In this vintage segment of Organize Your Life, I share a timeline with you to keep you on track and stress-free during this holiday meal time!  Getting organized early for Thanksgiving allows you to enjoy your family and your yummy meal! First, head over to Life Your Way and print your holiday planning printables!  They are awesome and help me every year!  Once you have your printables you can ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing the Freezer + video

Stacking basket from Target

Since last week was National Clean Out Your Refrigerator week, I thought we'd follow it up with Organizing the freezer! I have a story to tell about organizing my freezer and a confession... This is the like the plumber with leaky pipes or the shoe cobbler's kids without shoes: I'm the organizer with a cluttered freezer.  Seriously, it wasn't until I was writing the TV segment for the vintage segment of Organize Your Life  that I realized my freezer situation was a mess!  In my dumfound-ment, I admitted my failure and ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Your Refrigerator {National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day}

messy refrigerator

It's National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!  And few things are more daunting then a dirty and messy refrigerator. I try to keep up by wiping the shelves clean as I see the messes, but I swear it gets gross overnight!  So let's get serious about organizing the refrigerator today and make it simple once and for all! A couple of years ago I decided to get a grip on the inventory in our refrigerator because I found myself throwing out moldy, spoiled food just because we forgot it was in there!  Talk about wasting ... [Continue Reading]