Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 16

I don't know about you, but I am SO GLAD to be done with the refrigerator! But mine is squeaky clean now (at least for week or so!) and looks so good. As we stay in the kitchen for a few more days of the spring organizing & cleaning challenge, let's tackle under the sink! Under the kitchen sink can become a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff that doesn't belong down there!  I have pulled potting soil, a package of diapers, shoes and even mail out from under kitchen sinks. Somehow things just get thrown in ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 15

fridge door

How has your refrigerator cleaning gone? Cleaning your fridge is a project that CAN take just a couple of hours, but this spring organizing & cleaning challenge is designed to just take 30 minutes or so a day. I feel like my own fridge needs a good cleaning every couple of months, but just wiping the shelves makes a huge difference! Today is our last day in the fridge, but we also tackle the freezer!  Since we have already done the shelves and fruit and veggie drawers on Days 13 and 14, today we will pull ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 14

fridge liner

Yesterday we started working on our refrigerators by cleaning the shelves and organizing them. Today on the spring organizing & cleaning challenge we are cleaning out the vegetable and fruit drawers if you have them. You may keep other things in these drawers, but almost every refrigerator has at least one drawer and that's what we're cleaning! Clean out fruit & Veggie drawers Just like the shelves, first pull everything out of the drawers. I find it easier to pull the whole drawer out of the refrigerator and ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 13

refrigerator cleaning

One of the most dreaded household tasks is cleaning the refrigerator. It can take forever and it's tedious and it's not something you can do with just a few minutes to spare, so it's something that we avoid. But that fridge of ours can get GROSS really fast! Over the next few days of the spring organizing & cleaning challenge we are going to work on our refrigerators, doing a task a day until we have totally cleaned it out. For today you are simply going to wipe the shelves down. You don't need to do the ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 12


The pantry. On this 12th day of the spring organizing and cleaning challenge we are digging into the pantry or food cupboard. I saved this for the weekend because normally you need a little extra time to purge food and figure out how to organize it all. We talked a little bit about the pantry when we organized spices on Day 9, but here's a quick video I made a while ago about organizing the pantry with turntables (remember that I love them for spices too!) and then I will give you specifics to organize it. You ... [Continue Reading]