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Seattle’s Best Coffee-Giveaway + Free Sample

I received compensation for this post. All thoughts and ideas are mine.

Everyone knows I love coffee. Heck, it’s even in my bio on Twitter, so that makes it extra official. But over the years I have become a coffee snob and unlike my days in the Navy, where the coffee was thick like mud and 4 days old, I only like the good stuff now.

So imagine getting FREE coffee that is the good stuff? I was giddy with happiness  when Seattle’s Best Coffee sent me a goodie box of coffee goodness a few weeks ago!  It was filled with their House Blend coffee, which makes the perfect morning cup of coffee!

seattles best coffee

My favorite part of this? Seattle’s Best Coffee now makes their House Blend in K-cups for my Keurig. I can die now.

Did you know the House Blend was voted America’s Favorite? Even Duncan says so…

And Seattle’s Best Coffee wants to give FIVE readers of this blog a coffee kit that includes a bag of House Blend, a K-cup of House Blend, and a travel mug! Plus, if you go and Like their Facebook Page you can get a free sample of the House Blend too!

Follow the instructions below. The five readers will be picked April 21st and announced. Seattle’s Best Coffee will send you your coffee kit in the mail! Giveaway starts at midnight tonight, so be sure to check back.

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Organizing Digital Photos with Picture Keeper + Giveaway!


Picture Keeper has agreed to giveaway the PK4 device. I was not paid in cash for this posting. I was sent a product for review and all opinions are my own.

Organizing photos, both printed photos and digital photos, are a hot topic in the organizing world. Personally, I have digital photos stored on 3 different computers right now and while most are organized by date or event, not all are and they aren’t in one place.

I lost everything I owned in a moving truck accident in 1992, but my photos were the only thing to survive.  I quickly learned the value of photos then and have since tried to keep them organized and accessible. But digital photos have been harder to keep up with. So, I was thrilled when the folks at Picture Keeper reached out to me about their Picture Keeper Device,

picture keeper device

The Picture Keeper Device is so easy to use and requires NO software. Here’s my two cents on it.

What I love the most about the Picture Keeper is that you simply plug it in and it starts working. I have almost 8000 photos on my laptop alone and it recognized them all and starting downloading onto the device.  Nothing to install.  Nothing to register.  Nothing but photo love…

  • No software to install, wires to connect, passwords to remember, or monthly fees.

  • Use on multiple computers; both PC and Mac compatible.

  • Once one Picture Keeper fills, just use another and the second will continue where the first left off.  Amazing!

  • Works well with all photo organizing softwares like Kodak Easy Share, Picasa, etc.

  • Easily use with your digital photo frame, favorite print kiosk or keep in a fire proof safe.

What’s more, is that you can use the device on a digital frame, a LCD TV, a photo kiosk, or keep them on the device for back up safety.  I am excited to have ALL my photos in one place.  Personally, the device is going to go into my fire safe box so for safe keeping.

There are 4 device sizes plus a mobile app for iOS and Android!

picture keeper

So now is your chance to win your own Picture Keeper device! Enter the giveaway below to win a PK4 device delivered right to you!

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It’s National Dine Out Week on + Sweepstakes!

I received a gift card for this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

trip advisor

trip advisor

I love to eat out. I love it mostly because I don’t have to cook, but I love the conversation that happens around the table, trying dishes I probably wouldn’t make at home, and adding a yummy glass of wine to go with it all.  We have our local favorites, but I recently discovered and now I’m hooked on trying a bunch of new places!

Here’s how it works: 1) Find a restaurant 2) Choose your deal 3) Dine and save!

If you’ve never been on the website you’re in for a treat because right now they are celebrating the 2nd Annual National Dine Out Week, which started October 3rd and runs through October 12th and have kicked it off with a sweepstakes! Everyone who enters has a chance to win hundreds of prizes including eGift Cards and a donation in their name to their local food pantry.

National Dine Out Week

National Dine Out Week started to raise awareness of independent and locally owned restaurants so we can support our local communities.  In a nutshell, is the nations largest dining deals site, offering savings to thousands of local restaurants nationwide. Since they started, customers have saved more than 1 billion through their dining deals gift certificate program.

gift certificate at

So,  head over to the Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes!  While you’re dining with family and friends, you could win from hundreds of prizes and make your community happy! Not to mention a happy tummy!

I received a gift card for this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


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Convert Home Movies to Digital with YesVideo!

yes video banner

If you’ve ever owned a video camera then you probably have home movies on either VHS tapes or some other form of mini tapes. And if you’re like me, you never watch them! Home movies on VHS tapes are difficult to organize and even more ridiculous to locate a specific place on the video footage. Remember fast forward and rewind?

Well, I recently discover YesVideo and I’m hooked! YesVideo converts home movie video into a digital format.  That means you can take all your VHS tapes and other video camera tapes (or reel tapes if you have them) and get them converted to a digital online format or DVD!  Here’s how it works:

yes Video how it works

Basically, you send in your video tapes, YesVideo converts them into an digital online cloud that is secure and for you eyes only.  You can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, or computer and if you want, you can create a DVD. Instead of trying to organize these video tapes in your home and then never watching them, send them all to YesVideo and within 15 days you’ll have it all accessible online.  You can then share it with family, create a custom DVD with music and highlights, and actually enjoy all that vintage footage!

what to do with home movies

In honor of their 14th birthday, YesVideo has partnered with Target to giveaway a $30 gift card (to redeem with YesVideo) to one of you!  If you win, just go to Target Photo online and place your order to ship your tapes and redeem the gift card!

YesVideo and target

Here’s a cheer to getting rid of VHS tapes and more and freeing up some shelf space! Can’t wait to see who wins!

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Tiny Tip Thursday {car organizing} + Giveaway!

I’m in my car a lot! If you’re like me and are in your car up to 3 hours a day, then you know how cluttered and disorganized it can become. A while back I found this little car organizing treasure and have loved it!  Watch this Tiny Tip Thursday video on car organizing with Driver Cup by High Road and then enter the giveaway to win one!

driver cup

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Happy Organizing!


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Wahl Hot-Cold Therapeutic Massager {Video Review & Giveaway}

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Wahl Hot/Cold Massager for the purpose of this review.

As a mom and someone who does CrossFit workouts I feel like I am always needing a massage!  But who has time for weekly massages, let alone the expense of weekly massages?  My job as a Professional Organizer has me bending over, lifting, and standing a lot and at the end of a long work day, my body is tired.  Add a workout to that and you have a recipe for not only a tired body, but a sore body.

So when the folks over at Wahl sent me their new Hot-Cold Therapy Therapeutic Massager to try out, I was super excited! I made this quick video to show you all the features and attachments, but I have to say that it has been a hit with my whole family, especially after my son’s lacrosse game and for my chronic hip pain. Be sure to check out their whole product line at

After using this Therapeutic Massager for a few days I love it!  With Mother’s Day in a week, this would be the perfect gift for any mom, but new moms and moms-to-be would benefit so much from this hand held massager because it is great for swollen muscles, poor circulation, and general pain.  Hello pregnancy?  Hello new mommy?

The two massage speeds and hot/cold settings deliver a gentle, soothing massage or a vigorous, deep penetrating action.  And the brochure that comes with the massager gives complete instructions on how to use each attachment and for what issues to use each for!

wahl hot cold

Be sure to enter the giveaway form below.  Giveaway starts May 5th and runs to May 12th!  Winner announced on Mother’s Day!

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This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Wahl Hot/Cold Massager for the purpose of this review.



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Neatnix Jewelry Organizer-A Review & Giveaway

I recently wrote a post on how to organize jewelry and showed you all how I did mine and some ideas using other containers.

Well, the Neatnix company spotted it and sent me 3 of their stackable and slideable (is that a word?) jewelry organizers to try out.  They are called Jewelry Stax.

neatnix logo


neatnix 9 compartment

Let me say two things up front: 1) I was hesitant about them because I don’t like containers that stack and 2) I’m sorry right now for saying “super” so many times in the video! Super sorry!

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Africa & One Life from the BBC + Giveaway

Congrats to our winners of the Africa DVD: Courtney Davio, Stephan Nettles, and Elna Clark!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

It’s hard to find a movie that the whole family, teenagers included, love watching together, but the new BBC documentary, One Life, was one that amazed all of us.

I took my 14 year old daughter and her friend out to see it thinking they might “tolerate” it, but we walked out reviewing all the different things we experienced.  The whole movie felt like you were in the middle of the scene.

one life tickets

My favorite part was the monkeys that have learned to use rock to smash open palm nuts.  They have an elaborate process of peeling, drying , and smashing the nuts.  Watching the younger monkeys, which takes them 8 years to learn to do it, was so funny.  They are just like human toddlers. I find it amazing that it was all captured on film, but all the “filming firsts” in the movie are what allowed me to feel like I was really there.

Earlier this week we had the privilege of viewing the additional documentary from the BBC simply titled, Africa, on DVD.

africa dvd from BBC

OK, seriously, I thought One Life. was amazing, and it was, but this DVD blew me away.  4 years in the making across 27 countries. 553 cameras were used and crew spent 100 days on horseback and 601 nights in tents, and consumed 6,526 anti-malarial tablets! But what they captured…oh my.  Speechless.

I have never seen anything like it.  Of course there were more “filming firsts” that included the first footage of lizards hunting for flies on the backs of sleeping lions, as well as a new hunting behavior in chimpanzees (hunting for honey using 4 different tools). And the BBC wanted us to know throughout all of this filming, of the 553 cameras used, only 8 were harmed in the making of Africa.  The demise of the 8 cameras happened when 1 was chargrilled, 2 were eaten by a lion and an elephant, 2 mini-helicams crashed & 3 cameras drowned!

africa viewing

This film just finished airing on Discovery Channel (premiered January 8). The series was a Discovery Channel/BBC co-production and is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting on February 26, 2013.  But I get to give away 3 copies of the DVD right here, so make sure you enter in the form below!  3 winners will be chosen on March 5th, 2103 so spread the word and don’t delay!

You will love both films and your kids will be thrilled by all the up close interactions with wildlife from around this world of ours.

If you prefer to just buy the movie right now, use the code AFR213 for 20% off  until March 1st.   Can only be used in the US and the DVD may be purchased on Amazon or the BBC America Shop.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BBC Worldwide.


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Organizing Jewelry Ideas + Giveaway

I am thrilled to be featured in the article, 15 Ways to Organize and Display Your Jewelry using my door jewelry organizer.

I have featured this on the blog before, but since the article just came out I thought we would re-visit the topic of organizing jewelry, plus I have another giveaway for you!

Here is the original post in video form featuring the door organizer-

Using a simple door bought for $30 at an antique shop, I mounted it on the wall in my closet and used long nails to hang stuff on!  You could mount it on any wall in your bedroom, too.

The only thing it doesn’t hold are earrings and rings. I use a hanging pocket organizer for earrings and a small felted box with compartments for rings.

hanging jewelry organizer

ring organizer

Remember that there is no wrong or right way to organize any of this, but it has to simple!  Easy to take out and easy to put away.  Anything that stacks  won’t work for me because I will get irritated by having to unstack everything when I want something at the bottom!  Then, I will quit doing it all together.

But one organizer that I absolutely love and have featured on the blog before is the Roxsee Hanging jewelry organizer by Untangle My Chains.  

roxsee logo

Roxsee jewelry hanger

It’s so cute and can fit almost anywhere and holds a ton of jewelry.  I am thrilled that they have sent me another one to give to one of you!  This one is black and all you have to do is do the entry steps below!  One winner will be picked next Friday!!

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Spend Less. Cook More.

This year, 2013, I set some really specific goals for our family:

Spend less

Cook More

And only one for my business:

Write the darn book I have been harboring in my brain for so long.

I am always afraid to share my goals because I don’t want to come to the end of the  year and have someone ask me, “How did it go with your goals this year?”, in which I answer, “Uh, great {not}.”

I was never taught how to manage money as a child or young adult, mainly because there wasn’t any to manage.  I started working at age 14 in an ice cream shop and from that day forward, I bought my own clothes, my  own car, my own furniture for my 16th birthday, and well, you get the idea.  Then as a Navy officer I earned more money than I ever thought I would make and boy did I enjoy spending it all.  Flash forward years later and I am surrounded by lovely things…shoes, clothes, a beautiful home with beautiful furniture, accessories…and I am at a place that I don’t want anymore.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I still love things.  I especially love shoes, as you know, but I don’t want more of anything right now except time.  I sensed this shift in my heart starting about 2 years ago, but it didn’t really hit me until late last year.  So, when I spent some time with God asking about what lies ahead for our family, my business, my blogging, I kept sensing these two things: Spend Less. Cook More.

Why does God care about cooking for Pete’s sake?  I don’t know except that more cooking leads to less spending which leads to more family time.  Ah, He’s such a smart God. I could only see one problem with God’s plan-I don’t really enjoy cooking.

I don’t enjoy cooking because it makes a mess and everyone eats so fast and then there all the dishes to wash and things to put away.  And it takes so much time.  There I said it.  But I want to honor God in my life so I set out to find meal plan I like and can live with and actually enjoy making the food in spite of the mess. Here is what I settled on:



I have talked about emeals before and how awesome they are, but they introduced a Paleo meal plan and that made them more awesome!

My first week of buying groceries from Everyday Paleo was $187 and that included everything for every meal for one week!  I love it.  Last night, I whipped up our dinner in 15 minutes, but most of the time a little more planning goes into it.  I’m not minding it, surprisingly.  The meals are simple, filling, and crazy nutritious.

So, 10 days into the new year, I am learning.  I am learning to plan more.  I am learning that less really is more.  I am learning to not care so much about the mess in my kitchen when it means more time with my family around the table.  There will always be a neat freak inside of me and the need for order, but I am learning.  When I say to other people, “things can’t fill up your soul”, I am learning that along with them.  I am probably more surprised than anyone else that I would be enjoying the Cook More goal.

Next week I will share more on the Spend Less goal, which is far less comforting to talk about.

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