Back-to-School with Trapper Keeper {giveaway}

trapper keeper giveaway 2015

I was one of those nerdy kids that loved shopping for school supplies, loved organizing my school binders, and even organized my locker. I told you I've been this way my whole life! I remember getting so excited to get a new backpack and binders that I could label and a Trapper Keeper was always my first choice. Now that it's time to think about the new school year, I'm excited to have a giveaway for back-to-school with Trapper Keeper as the prize! Does anyone remember these? I probably had one of each! Well, ... [Continue Reading]

Summer Chore Charts

chore board

I've gotten several requests lately about how to create a summer schedule for kids.  What parents want to know is, is there a chore chart I like, a reward system that works, and a summer agenda framework that actually helps?  In other words, how do I keep my kids from laying around all summer and to be responsible? There are so many great resources online and Money Saving Mom has some free printable charts that are super cute. And Pinterest has no shortage of DIY charts from simple to complicated and elaborate.  But, ... [Continue Reading]

Should Kids Have Chores at Home?


Should kids have chores at home?  If so, what age do I start?  Should I pay them? These are questions I get all the time when I speaking to women and working with families. I have seen the full “chore” spectrum in my organizing business and believe me, everyone has an opinion on what is right!  There are the parents who don’t require that their kids lift a finger and the ones who have their kids doing their own laundry by age 7.  There are chore charts, reward systems, punishment systems, payment systems, and open ... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Organized Travel

5 tips for organized travel

With spring and summer fast approaching you may be traveling more than usual. Nothing is worse than not knowing what to pack or forgetting something important (*insert charging cables here*). On this segment of Organize Your Life I share 5 tips for organized travel. I have personally used all of these and can tell you that it makes such a difference! Make a list- Make a list for each child, yourself, and anyone else you are packing for Think of each situation you might be in on the trip and write down items ... [Continue Reading]

How to Make a Boo Bag {Halloween}

how to create a boo bag

Have you ever been Boo-ed at Halloween? It's one of those annoying, yet fun things that happens during this season and we just got it yesterday. Here, I'm going to teach you how to make a boo bag so you can surprise you own neighbors! Getting Boo-ed is when someone rings your doorbell and leaves behind a cute pumpkin or bag filled with candy and junk for your kids.  You also get a secret message about what being Boo-ed is about and a sign to place on our front door.  This is to alert other neighbors that your family ... [Continue Reading]