Post-it Home Collection Review {video}

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Whenever I run across products that I think you must ABSOLUTELY know about, I share them with you! While shopping at Target yesterday, I ran across this new collection from the Post-it people at 3M. Originally this collection was only available at the Container Store, but now it's available to the masses like you and I. The Post-it Home Collection has about 10 different items in it that will help you jog your memory and keep things organized for you! Watch the video to see my two favorite pieces from the collection, ... [Continue Reading]

5 Tools to Organize Your Life {video}

Getting organized isn't just about things and rooms. It is also about time and to-do lists and schedules and getting things done. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share 5 Tools to Organize Your Life that includes 4 apps for your smartphone and computer and one old-school way! 1. Clear App- {list making} Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for list-keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use. Personal to-do list Shopping list Quick notes list for ... [Continue Reading]

Tiny Tip Thursday-The Brain Dump

As many of you know, I have ADD. I wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 30's and so I spent most of those years finding ways to not forget information. I just thought I was very forgetful (which I am!), but the good that came of not knowing I had ADD was that I developed ways to manage lots of information and tasks that suited my brain. This is where the brain dump came from and I share it with you today on Tiny Tip Thursday! Once I knew I had ADD, I kept using these "systems", if you will, because I knew they worked! ... [Continue Reading]

7 Tools to Create a Paper and Mail Station

In keeping in line with the February Organizing Challenge of Mail and Paper, I collected 7 tools to create a paper and mail station.  There are a ton more solutions out there, but these 7 tools are my favorite for creating a capture and holding place for paper! Paper should be easy to find, easy to deal with and easy to put back if you're keeping it. If your system is not easy, simple, and accessible, you will NOT follow through. It's human nature and you'll end up making a pile to file later, which, we both know, ... [Continue Reading]

February Organizing Challenge {Kickoff 2014}

feb organizing challenge

One of the barriers to getting organized is time. And one of the barriers to staying organized are habits. It's one thing to take the time to get organized and it's another thing to keep it that way. So, after working with hundreds of clients, I am convinced that given the time and support, your organizing habits can change. I'm kicking off a 2014 Organizing Challenge starting February 1st and each month a new challenge will be issued with some guidelines.You have all month to work on the challenge and practice your ... [Continue Reading]