How to Organize a Home Emergency Plan

It's the very end of hurricane season here, but we are expecting a large storm this weekend. In prep for that, I am re-sharing my how to organize a home emergency plan and a FREE printable for hurricane prep checklist!  1.  Prepare- Make a list of emergency contacts and let them know they are on your list (see Family Emergency Plan sheets) Make an emergency evacuation kit.  The Red Cross website has an interactive tool as does Lowe's home improvement store Identify any valuables that you want to ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Medication with Medisafe App

medisafe app 2

I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. As a Registered Nurse, I've seen the difficulty patients have remembering not only what medications they take, but when they are supposed to take them. This is especially true for patients that take multiple medications and have to stagger them throughout the day. When I worked in the emergency room, patients would bring in a bag of pill bottles to show us what they were taking and how often! ... [Continue Reading]

How to Organize House Cleaning

how to organize house cleaning

I get asked a lot about how to schedule cleaning your house, how to get kids to help with house cleaning, and how to organize house cleaning. There are lots of ways to get house cleaning done, but on the segment of Organize Your Life I share 4 tips for organizing your house cleaning including a FREE printable that you can place in each bedroom to help your kids share in the cleaning. Start with a list Make lists for each room of the house- What are the basic things that need done every week? What are the ... [Continue Reading]

4 Easy Packing and Unpacking Tips for Travel

4 Easy tips for packing and unpacking

Originally published in 2012, I updated my tips for you. Even after all these years, I still use these basic tips for packing and unpacking for travel. I have been doing a lot of little trips recently. Just as soon as I get home it's time to start thinking about packing again for the next trip. When we got home late last night and I started unpacking, it made me think about how complicated traveling can be and how much extra work it creates just to get ready to go. One thing I have seen over and over with my ... [Continue Reading]

4 Areas to Organize for Fall

fall organizing

  Fall feels like a new beginning.  School has started (or starts soon!), the weather is changing, we are setting some new goals and swear to get organized! To me, this can feel a little overwhelming.  There is so much that needs done and so much I want to do, but I don't know where to start.  When it comes fall projects and fall organizing, I have a narrowed it down to 4 areas to organize for fall that will help us get jump started.  Notice that each area gives you general things to do, so if one of these areas needs ... [Continue Reading]