Back-to-School with Trapper Keeper {giveaway}

trapper keeper giveaway 2015

I was one of those nerdy kids that loved shopping for school supplies, loved organizing my school binders, and even organized my locker. I told you I've been this way my whole life! I remember getting so excited to get a new backpack and binders that I could label and a Trapper Keeper was always my first choice. Now that it's time to think about the new school year, I'm excited to have a giveaway for back-to-school with Trapper Keeper as the prize! Does anyone remember these? I probably had one of each! Well, ... [Continue Reading]

My Most Valuable Time Management Tool


No matter how digital I get, no matter how many fancy calendars or planners I buy, my most valuable time management tool is the simple 6 most important things to do list. Because I'm a visual person, I do best when I can cross things off a list and can jot things down on it all day. I still use my Google calendar and an app called CalenGoo, but this tool has been my go-to for over 12 years! This is a tool I picked up years ago when I was in Direct Sales.  Each night I write the top 6 things I must get done.  These 6 ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Ideas for Nail Polish, Hair Stuff, & Bathroom Drawers

OrgANizing ideas

All these little things in our bathrooms-nail polish, hair stuff, & bathroom drawers-can get out of control and messy really fast if you don't organize them! On this segment of Organize Your Life, I'll show you some easy, inexpensive and cute ideas for organizing them. All these containers can be found at stores like Target, Dollar Tree, Walmart, or even an office supply store. Be sure to check out thrift stores like GoodWill or Salvation Army for containers too. They often have great containers that have been ... [Continue Reading]

5 Tasks That Will Save Time to Live Better

I am in the business of organizing and helping you live better.  And because of that, I'm always searching for ways to do the everyday things of life like laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and taking care of stuff, a little bit easier.  I was reminded of all this in a conversation with a friend this weekend as she talked about how much she still had to do to get ready for the next week. After a long conversation about changing how she does some of these tasks, I realized there are 5 things that I think help you save ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing and Fear


When I started my organizing business over 8 years ago, I never anticipated how much clutter and getting organized (or lack of) were wrapped up in emotion. Sometimes the biggest barrier to getting organized is overcoming the emotional ties to things and to the outcome. I've talked a lot about perfectionism and how paralyzing it is to getting organized, but the other insidious current lurking around is fear. Fear happens for many reasons and because I'm no therapist, I won't even try to figure it out, but I do see it ... [Continue Reading]