Quit Ironing Your Clothes


I took a very informal survey about ironing: Do you have an ironing session before you hang things up or do you iron clothes as you wear them? The results? No one likes ironing and most people either don't iron or if they do, they iron as they wear the clothes. That's totally me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone spends entire an afternoon ironing a wad of clothes. I once had a friend who ironed her sheets. Her sheets. We aren't friends anymore. If I have to, I send things to the dry cleaner, ... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Organize Around Your House in the Fall


Fall is a great time to organize, but what are the BEST things to tackle as the weather cools? On this segment of Organize Your Life, I share what I think are 5 things to organize around your house in the fall that will make a big difference. Remember, you don't need to do them all. Just pick the one or two that need the most attention and go for it! Garage, attic, or shed- It’s a great time to re-think how you use your garage. If you can’t park in there because of clutter, now is the time to purge it and organize ... [Continue Reading]

Live Better Friday: A Charging Station


Every Live Better Friday I try to share a simple tip to help you and your family, well, Live Better! There are very few things that I have to have to live well.  Just to be clear, coffee, cute shoes, my kids and husband, and chips and salsa are on the list of must-haves. But one thing we have that helps us live better is a charging station.  With the 600 gadgets floating around here (OK, that's an exaggeration) I could lose my mind hunting for a cord each night. I have a very nice, traditional charging station like ... [Continue Reading]

Do the Laundry in 5 Minutes a Day!

laundry sign

Of all the organizing questions I get, laundry remains at the top of the list. And no wonder; every single day it gets added too! There are all kinds of ways folks keep up (or not) with their laundry piles, but I've never found a more simpler way than this. This throw back post will teach you all you need to know! I never want you to have a "laundry day" again.  That is my hope and prayer for you, so several years ago I created my World Famous Laundry system (OK, maybe it's not world famous yet, but it will be).  You ... [Continue Reading]

Create an Entryway Drop Zone

create an entryway drop zone

I don't know about you, but I got tired of walking into my house everyday with an armful of stuff from the day and dumping it onto my kitchen table! Out of frustration I created an entryway drop zone so that I have a place to actually put all that stuff in an organized way instead of it being in a pile. On this segment of The Hampton Roads Show I share how to create an entryway drop zone no matter what size your home or space may be and ways you can organize it! Every home has an entry way. Whether it’s an ... [Continue Reading]