Half Hour Organizing Project #38-Cold and Flu Box

cold and flu box

Happy Fall! Another cold and flu season is about to start and I want you to be ready when it hits your family!  Get ready to organize a cold and flu box for your home.  In this Half Hour Organizing Project, I'll show you how to quickly create a cold and flu box using almost any container. If you don't have the space for a container, try using a shoe pocket organizer like one of our readers did! Happy Organizing! ... [Continue Reading]

3 Things You MUST Do to Be Ready for Emergencies

bill paying sheet

All across America, September is Emergency Preparedness Month. I've covered this topic extensively in other posts, but when we think about being prepared, I want to add the 3 things you must do to be ready for emergencies. These aren't the normal things you think of, but they are actually things that we need to do just to ready for everyday emergencies, not just big ones. 1. Have passwords and login information in a secure place- This one is HUGE. If something happened today to you or your spouse/significant ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing a Purse

organizing a purse

I don't know about your purse but mine is in a constant state of mess. That's why I set out to find the best way of organizing a purse so that you don't have to dig through it to find things! On this segment of Organize Your Life I share my best tips for organizing a purse and some fun doo-dads from a new company, Initials Inc.  Reduce the amount of stuff you carry around! You don’t need your whole makeup collection in your purse. Use a designated purse organizer such as a this one from Initials Inc.  You can ... [Continue Reading]

Ask Questions First. Then Organize.

self evaluation

Sometimes we gotta get back to basics.  The longer I do this business of organizing, the more I learn that it's the basics that count.  No container in the world will do the job of organizing if the basics aren't addressed. My motto is, ask questions first. Then Organize. I have a set of questions I ask folks all the time called the Value Questions.  They are super important and the hallmark of every project we do.  But some peculiar behaviors come out of people when it comes to paper.  Oh, paper, my paper.  It's the ... [Continue Reading]

Make a Video Message with ZapVM!

zapvm app

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post as part of a Volunteer Spot campaign. Opinions and thoughts are my own so are my videos:) I love using video to blog and show people how to do things. But sometimes all I have are photos and other times I want to tell a story when a traditional video wouldn't work well. So when Volunteer Spot asked me to take a look at the ZapVM, a video message maker app, I said absolutely, YES! Think of ZapVM as slide show with your voice narrating and creating a story with each photo. Here's ... [Continue Reading]