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6 Everyday Uses for Clothespins

6 everyday uses for clothespins.jpg

Forget all the fancy gadgets out there for organizing small things. All hail the clothespin! By nature, I’m not that crafty, so if you’re with me, here are 6 everyday uses for clothespins for the ordinary person (AKA the non-crafter). While these 6 everyday uses hardly cover then endless uses of clothespins, they are actually things I use them for! For one inexpensive bag of clothespins, you will probably have over 100 uses!

1. Hanging lost socks-

sock and clothespins.jpg

What do you do with the single sock while you wait for it’s mate to show up? If you put it in a drawer, you’re likely to forget about it. If you leave it in the hamper, same thing.

Just get a hanger and clip the abandoned socks to it. Hang the hanger somewhere in the laundry area and wait. Someday soon the other one will come clean and show up. (*snicker, snicker*)

2. A bookmark-

clothespin bookmark.jpg

Seriously, clothespins make the BEST bookmarks!

3. Cord clip-

clothespin cord clip.jpg

I absolutely LOVE using clothespins to keep my cords together. You can use them for all kinds of cords that need to be coiled up and organized. This fits great into my work bag and is easy to find with the clothespin. Works great with earphones, lamp cords, chargers, and blow dryer cords when you are traveling!

4. Memo clips-

clothespin memo clip.jpg

This is such an easy way to remember things as you walk out the door. Attach a piece of magnet onto the back the clothespin and stick it to any metal object. My door happens to be metal so that makes it even easier, but if you don’t have that, get a piece of galvanized steel from any home improvement store and nail to a wall. For around $5 you have a message center and you can use your clothespin with magnets.

I use this to remind myself and my kids of things we need to take with us on the way out the door-lunch money, notes, and other reminders.

5.  Food clip-

clothespin food clip.jpg

Don’t waste anymore money on other food clips. You know, the things that hold chip bags, bread bags, and cereal bags shut after they’re opened. Clothespins are awesome for this and so inexpensive!

6. Coupon and Bill clip-

clothespin coupon clip.jpg

One of my favorite uses for clothespins are for keeping papers together. I mostly use them for keeping coupons together when I go into a store, but I also love to use them to clip bills together. Clip a stack of bills together that you are going to pay on a certain date or just use them to hold all the bills together.

Easy to throw into your purse or tote bag and easy to find also because the papers won’t be scattered everywhere!

These are 6 of my favorite ways to use clothespins, but the reality is is that there are endless amounts of uses for a really inexpensive bag of them! I didn’t even touch on the multiple uses for craft projects. If that’s you, I would love to see what you do with them! Please share.


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Wonder Hanger Review {video}


Ever wonder if the As-Seen-on-TV products really work? I tested out the Wonder Hanger and their claim that it “triples closet space.” Take at look at what I thought about it and if it’s worth spending your money on! This Wonder Hanger Review will help you decide!

I think the Wonder Hanger set is great for small spaces, but my two concerns would be:

1) They can only hold lighter weight clothing like shirts, pants (not denim), and definitely children’s clothing. Heavy clothing will cause the hangers to sag and break quickly.

2) Over time, the plastic may dry, crack and break.

Each box comes with 8 hangers, but it would take several boxes to do a full closet. Still, it does save some space along the rod of a closet and can be a benefit if you have a tiny closet. Let me know your thoughts and if you have ever used the Wonder Hanger in your home!

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5 Things to Organize When You’re Stuck Inside

5 things you can organize...

I live at the beach.  The beach isn’t supposed to get snow that traps you inside your home for 2 days. But Snowpocalypse 2014 has occurred here and since we also had snow last week and now again this week, I’m feeling a little nutty.  In order to curb the stir-crazy feeling, I decided to find 5 things to organize when you’re stuck inside!

Just 5.  There are plenty more, but these are doable on any day that you’re stuck inside whether it be because of rain, snow, sleet, sick kids, or waiting on the cable guy. None of this requires you to purchase a new container or contraption or gizmo. Duh, you can’t go out, remember?

1.  The pantry or food cabinets-

Take all the food out or at least groups of it out at a time. Sort it into like-types; canned veggies, canned soups, canned anything, jars of condiments, boxes of crackers, etc.  Then throw away anything expired or stale.

Then organize the remaining food by category.  Put canned food together, group condiments together, cereals together, boxed crackers and boxed food together, and the like.  If you already have a container, make a snack box. Dump all the snacky style foods into the container and call it a snack box.  Snack stuff usually includes granola bars, applesauce, fruit roll ups and raisins, little packages of crackers or cookies,  and so on.

finished pantry

2.  Under the kitchen sink-

Again, pull everything out from under the sink.  What’s under there that really doesn’t belong under there? Potting soil? Kitty litter? Tiki oil? I have seriously seen all of that under sinks!

A good rule of thumb on what to keep under the kitchen sink are cleaning supplies, trash can and trash bags, paper and plastic bags, and perhaps something like lunch boxes or some tote bags.  Try to relocate anything that doesn’t fit these categories because it’s too easy to have it become a big junked up mess under the sink.



3.  The junk drawer-

Probably one of my favorite drawers to dump out, the junk drawer is home of everything you don’t know what to do with!  So, dump it out and begin to sort the junk out.

Rubber bands, Box Tops, soy sauce packets, batteries, keys, take-out menus, lip gloss, ear buds, etc.  The list goes on.  Throw out any real junk and gross stuff and decide what you are going to keep in the drawer.  If you have any Ziploc baggies, use these to containerize any small stuff.  Or use some of your plastic Tupperware-like food containers to create drawer organizers.

Make your junk drawer user friendly. It’s fine to have a place to dump stuff, but once you get it cleaned out, try to keep stuff containerized in it.

4.  Kids clothing-

It seems like there is always purging to do in the kids rooms.  If you have little kids, go through each closet and maybe each dresser to purge out clothes that are too small or very stained and put into a donate bag.

If you don’t have kids, do your own closet and drawers.  Set a goal to fill up at least one bag from each room to donate or give away to someone.

5.  Magazines, books and mail-

This is a big one. You may not get to all of these so pick the one you can finish in a day or so.  I could talk about mail all day because it’s usually everyone’s problem, but if you have stacks of mail everywhere, pick a few stacks to go through and get rid of the junk! Here’s a whole post on mail if you need more help.

Otherwise, pitch old magazines that you haven’t read in over a year and same for books.  Now, I’m a book junkie and have a lot of books, but you still need to organize books and stacks on the floor is not organizing! Here is more help on organizing books. 

organizing magazines

You probably will only get to one, maybe two, of these things, but finish one completely before you start another.  Involve your kids and family and maybe even have a contest to see who finishes first!  I would love to see your projects and hear what you did on your stuck-inside day!

Happy Organizing!

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Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

wine cork header

This is a quick project I did last week using my beloved wine corks.  Yes, I love wine and several years ago I started a collection of wine corks, but it has gotten a bit full so I decided to make use of a few of them and make a wine cork jewelry organizer for all my small earrings. I have written about organizing jewelry before when I hung an old door in my closet, but I was needing a place to hang earrings where I could see them all.

First, I looked around my house for what I already had and came across this frame that my daughter used to use.  It was white so I very lightly spray painted it black and kept the backer board in, but removed the glass.

wine cork organizer

Next I grabbed a handful of wine corks and started laying them in the frame to see how they would fit.


As I got the pattern down and noticed empty spots, I knew I would have to cut some to fill up the holes.  At first I tried a small scalpel I had, but broke two blades!  Then I tried a knife, but ultimately I used the electric turkey knife!

cutting corks

Using a glue gun, I slowly glued the corks on to the backer board in the pattern I had created.


Now, I know it doesn’t look perfect, but it doesn’t need to.  It’s going hang in my closet for only my eyes to see, plus it will be covered in earrings!  I have a strange closet without any real wall space so this frame can only fit in one corner.

finished organizer

I added thin nails and push pins (using what I had on hand) for earrings that needed to hang and simply pushed the others right into the cork.  Because I had extra space at the bottom, I hung some extra necklaces from some nails in the cork.

That’s it!  The whole project took me about 3 hours and the only money I spent was the cost of the wine to get the corks! And because I’m a visual person, I can now see all my small earrings and I won’t forget about them any longer!

close up of wine organizer

step 3

There you have it! Quick and easy jewelry organizer that’s fun and personal all at the same time. Happy crafting!

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Half Hour Organizing Project #37-Makeup

Listen up girls, organizing makeup can be easy and simple.  In this Half Hour Organizing Project I show you how to organize your makeup using some small containers.

I actually made this video almost 2 years ago but knew it HAD to be a Half Hour Organizing Project! I have also included how long you should keep certain kinds of makeup and some containers to use


Acrylic counter top containers

Hanging bags

Craft tote


Makeup bags

How long to keep makeup:

Lipstick 1 year

Loose powder 18 months

Liquid eyeliner 6 months

Eyeshadow 2 years

Mascara 3 months

Eye pencil 1 year

As a rule of thumb, anything liquid is good for one year.  Lipsticks generally start to have a smell after one year and that signals bacteria is growing.  Powder products can last as long as two years. Of course, never share things like eyeliner and mascara.

This is all about keeping your life simple.  Shoot for one black eye pencil, one brown pencil, one palette of day colors and one for evening, one mascara, one foundation, concealer, and powder, & a lipstick and gloss for all occasions.

Happy Organizing!

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Half Hour Organizing Project #36-Donation Bag

In this Half Hour Organizing Project it’s all about doing a little purging from every closet and filling a donation bag from each.  Using either a paper grocery sack or any other bag, fill ONE bag per closet between now and Thanksgiving with stuff to donate.

Filling a donation bag will free up space in your closets to make room for holiday gifts and purchases and by donating early in the holiday season, you avoid the post-holiday rush.

Happy Organizing!

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Half Hour Organizing Project #33-Batteries

In this Half Hour Organizing Project #33 we are talking about organizing batteries.  I usually find that folks have batteries thrown in drawers, often junk drawers, and have no idea how to organize them.

Last year I found this organizer at Kmart and used it to organize my batteries.  It’s been the easiest and cheapest solution I have found.  It’s meant for garage organizing of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. but it’s perfect for organizing batteries!

Stack On-22

Stack On-22

Happy Organizing!

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Half Hour Organizing Project #30-Organizing Undergarments

organizing underwear


           photo courtesy of

We’re getting a little personal on this Half Hour Organizing Project ‘cuz we’re talking about undies and bras.  You can do this organizing undergarments project in probably 10-15. leaving you with leftover time to organize something else too!

There isn’t much to organizing undergarments, but having the right containers helps and I’ll show you my favorite from Ikea! 

Be sure to check out all the Half Hour Organizing Project list!

Happy Organizing!

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Organizing Small Houses

If you have a small house you might think that organizing it seems impossible! Organizing small houses can be done, but there are some basic principles of organizing you should follow regardless of the size of your home.  If you are trying to organize a small house, these principles are a must!

1.  Purge-

Really evaluate your stuff and ask yourself (and have your people do the same), “Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I want to take care of this _____?”  And then go one step further and ask yourself if you have a place to put what you are keeping.  In a small house you must be ruthless with what you keep because if you don’t want to live in clutter, everything should have a place to live.

2.  Go Vertical-

Use wall space as much as possible.  Go up. Utilize walls for shelving, book cases, cabinets, hooks, and even rods. In a small house, every inch of closet space can be maximized by going all the way to the ceiling with shelving.

3.  Go Under-

Just like using vertical wall space, use under the beds for seasonal storage. If you live in an area where there are distinct seasons, you will most likely need to swap out clothing for each season. This doesn’t have to be complicated.  Utilize under the bed containers and label each one clearly for each season; Fall/Winter, Summer, Spring. Keep your clothing grouped like this so that swapping them out each season is easy.

When you swap out each season be sure to go back to the Purge principle so that you are only putting back what you love and need. Don’t store stuff you don’t love or need.  Better to have less, but love it, then to have a lot and feel “meh” about it.

Here is a vintage segment of Organize Your Life  about organizing small closets.  It’s followed by a few tips about swapping out seasonal clothing and what to use to do it.

  • FIRST, good time to purge clothes that are too small, very worn, won’t be good next year!
  • Clothing should be in canvas or other breathable fabric containers.  DO NOT leave clothes in plastic bags for storage.
  • Use Space Bags
  • Sort into types of clothing
  • Swim items can be stored in plastic tubs for garage or attic storage
  • Group items by activity and make large labels for the outside of the container (beach, pool, ski, hiking, etc)

Finding Places to Store 

  • Attic, under beds, linen closets, extra closet spaces, rolling rack (only if absolutely necessary)
  • Space Bags create easier storage
  • Be creative.  Look for unlikely spaces (armoire)

Happy Organizing!

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Tiny Tip Thursday:Create a Media Basket

tiny tip organizing

Almost everyone has a cellphone & other personal electronics these days and with them comes lots of accessories.  Chargers, cases, external speakers, keyboards, screen covers, earbuds, and who knows what else!

Instead of having them strewn all over the house, create a media basket.  On this Tiny Tip Thursday, I show you what to do and how simple it can make life.  Organize all the accessories by creating a media basket and keep it in a central place in the house.  This media basket idea can be used for all sorts of things around your house.

Happy Organizing!


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