Fall To-Do List -The Kitchen


This is from a series I used to do called Live Better Friday. As we head into the weekend and are thinking about Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks, doing a few simple things in the kitchen will help curb some chaos. I'm working on my own pantry today! Today's list is for one room only-the kitchen. It seems like the hub of every home includes the kitchen and that leads to a lot clutter dumping on a daily basis! So, this Fall to-do has 3 things for you work on in your kitchen.  1.  The Pantry or food ... [Continue Reading]

Digital Paper Organizing

google drive graphic

In spite of all the techy things we have, we are still dealing with a lot of paper. In fact, in some ways it's worse because people are actually printing out emails and saving them in stacks! In this segment of Organize Your Life, I'll show you four solutions to your paper problem with digital paper organizing. I promise you that the less paper you have to deal with, the better your life will be!  Paper Tiger Combines computer indexing and paper management to create a organized filing system. Indexing means ... [Continue Reading]

Quit Ironing Your Clothes


I took a very informal survey about ironing: Do you have an ironing session before you hang things up or do you iron clothes as you wear them? The results? No one likes ironing and most people either don't iron or if they do, they iron as they wear the clothes. That's totally me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone spends entire an afternoon ironing a wad of clothes. I once had a friend who ironed her sheets. Her sheets. We aren't friends anymore. If I have to, I send things to the dry cleaner, ... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Organize Around Your House in the Fall


Fall is a great time to organize, but what are the BEST things to tackle as the weather cools? On this segment of Organize Your Life, I share what I think are 5 things to organize around your house in the fall that will make a big difference. Remember, you don't need to do them all. Just pick the one or two that need the most attention and go for it! Garage, attic, or shed- It’s a great time to re-think how you use your garage. If you can’t park in there because of clutter, now is the time to purge it and organize ... [Continue Reading]

How to Decorate for Fall Without Going Broke

fall decorating

I was really hoping I had something cool to write about like How to Pray and Get Your Way or How to Train Your Man {or kids or dog} to Do What You Want, or my favorite, How To Eat Chips & Salsa Everyday and Stay Skinny, but alas, I haven't learned to master any of these. So, for better or worse, I have resorted to something practical: How to decorate for Fall without going broke.  I suppose I could have a fancier title and something more sophisticated, but the reality is that while I love the fall season and ... [Continue Reading]