Ask Questions First. Then Organize.

self evaluation

Sometimes we gotta get back to basics.  The longer I do this business of organizing, the more I learn that it's the basics that count.  No container in the world will do the job of organizing if the basics aren't addressed. My motto is, ask questions first. Then Organize. I have a set of questions I ask folks all the time called the Value Questions.  They are super important and the hallmark of every project we do.  But some peculiar behaviors come out of people when it comes to paper.  Oh, paper, my paper.  It's the ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Your Refrigerator

organizing the refrigerator

If your refrigerator is like mine, it can get gross and can be the hardest place to keep organized. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning it out, but these tips will help you make the process of managing it easier. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share how organizing your refrigerator can be simple and save you money! I also share my favorite containers to make your fridge tidy and two that I love! Take everything out and clean the shelves and drawers. Then line drawers with paper towels to make clean up ... [Continue Reading]

Half Hour Organizing Project #19-Piles of Paper!

This is episode #19 of the Half Hour Organizing Project and it all about piles of paper.  We all have it, but some of us keep it in piles on the desk, the countertop, the floor, and the kitchen table.  Purging paper takes time and it can take a long time. Never fear, I'll show you what to do. This Half Hour Organizing Project is all about those piles of paper!  Ready, set, go! ... [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Organizing Tips

top 5 tips organizing tips

Sometimes we just need some practical advice and solutions. In this segment of Organize Your Life I share my top 5 organizing tips. Of all the solutions I've created for families over the years, these 5 always seem to be the best ones for helping folks live better.  1. Sock Basket- Throw all socks coming out of the dryer into the basket. Assign the pairing of sock to one child as a paid chore. 2.   5 Minute Clean Up- Along the lines of the sock basket in that you will collect stuff in it. Each night you set the ... [Continue Reading]

Back-to-School Home Organizing Tips

As much as we don't want to talk about it, we have to.  Yes, it is still summer, but school is just around the corner and the influx of papers and homework are about to happen! On the segment of Organize Your Life, I share some simple things you can do to curb the chaos. These back-to-school home organizing tips are easy things you can do in your home to set up a homework station and supply area! I would love to hear how you set up your home for kids that are going back-to-school! 1. Create a homework station- Use a ... [Continue Reading]