Setting Up a Homework Station

homework station

It's Throwback Thursday and with school having already started for some of you and others starting in a couple of weeks, this post on setting up a homework station should come in handy.  I have been working with a client recently on setting up a homework station in her home and since I've been searching for ideas, I thought I'd share some of my favorite that I found and tips to setting one up. Setting up a homework station doesn't have to cost a lot and can be super fun in the creative department. This is ... [Continue Reading]

5 Steps to Organizing a Toy Room


Several years ago we organized this toy room and I've used this room as an example of how organizing can be done inexpensively and still turn out fabulous!  Organizing a toy room is not different than any other space in your home, but to make it easy, here are 5 steps to organizing a toy room.  In this room, all the shelving and the desk were purchased at Target and a handyman anchored it to the wall for safety. The red and blue containers came from Target and Lowe's and I made laminated label tags to hang off the ... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Do in Your Home This Weekend

fall outdoor picture

Hope your summer is going awesomely. Some of you had kids that have already started school and some of us have a few more weeks, but summer is definitely winding down {insert sad face here}. Because I don't want to spend the last few weekends inside either, but need to get some things done in my home, I thought this list of  5 things to do in your home this weekend would give us a start. Pick one or two from this list and do the rest next weekend! If you pick the donate three things, have each person in your home do ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Ideas for Nail Polish, Hair Stuff, & Bathroom Drawers

OrgANizing ideas

All these little things in our bathrooms-nail polish, hair stuff, & bathroom drawers-can get out of control and messy really fast if you don't organize them! On this segment of Organize Your Life, I'll show you some easy, inexpensive and cute ideas for organizing them. All these containers can be found at stores like Target, Dollar Tree, Walmart, or even an office supply store. Be sure to check out thrift stores like GoodWill or Salvation Army for containers too. They often have great containers that have been ... [Continue Reading]

5 Tasks That Will Save Time to Live Better

I am in the business of organizing and helping you live better.  And because of that, I'm always searching for ways to do the everyday things of life like laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and taking care of stuff, a little bit easier.  I was reminded of all this in a conversation with a friend this weekend as she talked about how much she still had to do to get ready for the next week. After a long conversation about changing how she does some of these tasks, I realized there are 5 things that I think help you save ... [Continue Reading]