Organizing Small Closets

after organizing

If you have small closets, then listen up! This segment of Organize Your Life is all about organizing small closets and maximizing space. Never forget the first rules of organizing, however, which are to purge, purge, purge! You can only start to organize after you have gotten rid of everything that isn't loved or needed, especially when you have small closets. If you need some inspiration after viewing the segment, be sure to check out the before and after photos of a client that organized her closet using the ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing a Successful Yard Sale

organizing a yard sale.jpg

With a little preparation you can make a nice chunk of money at your yard sale. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share tips for organizing a successful yard sale and also how to make it stress free. Summer is the perfect time to hold your yard sale and de-clutter your home and your garage. Happy selling! First things first… Things that sell well- Baby stuff, kids toys, anything for kids Yard tools and tools in general Furniture  1.  Getting the word out- ·        Make a flyer to place in ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Love Your Summer Clothing?

organizing clothes for summer

Do you love your summer clothing? If the answer isn't YES, it's time to do some purging! While it's almost officially summer, it's already hot here. I've been wearing shorts and sundresses for weeks now and thinking a lot about my summer wardrobe. I know some of you switch your clothes out to make room in the closet and tuck the winter things away. As you dig your summer clothes out, you may have one of these thoughts: A) I have too many clothes in general B) I don't really like much of your summer wardrobe C) My ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Under Sink Cabinets

organizing under sinks.jpg

The cabinet under sinks is often a big black hole of mystery! Things get thrown in there that should never be and it's so easy to cram it full of extra stuff. On this segment of Organize Your Life, I share tips on organizing under sink cabinets that work for anyone. No fancy shelving needed! 1. Pull everything out! 2. Sort into categories~toilitries, cleaning supplies, paper products, hair and makeup, etc. 3. Ask yourself these questions: • What things do I always need to get to (daily)? • What things ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Sports and Water Bottles

organizing sports and water bottles

I don't know about you, but I find plastic cups and water bottles frustrating to keep organized. They are awkward, tall, don't stack well, so after a lot of digging through my cupboards to them, I finally had an ah-ha moment! Watch the video to see how I organized all our sports and water bottles! Organizing sports and water bottles in containers will make your life so much better. The container you use only needs to fit the cupboard and be easy to slide in and out, so whether it's plastic or wicker or cardboard, it ... [Continue Reading]