4 Ways to Start Spring Cleaning and Organizing

april organizing challenge

It's officially spring even though it doesn't feel like it in my part of the world! BUT, I can see the trees starting to form buds and that makes me want to open the windows and get rid of all remnants of winter. On April 1st, the Spring Organizing and Cleaning Challenge starts here on AmyVolk.com, so what better way to kick it off than talking about spring cleaning! On this segment of Organize Your Life, I share 4 ways to start spring cleaning and organizing. However, if you want to get the daily challenge during ... [Continue Reading]

Half Hour Organizing Project-Makeup

Listen up girls, organizing makeup can be easy and simple.  In this Half Hour Organizing Project I show you how to organize your makeup using some small containers. I actually made this video almost 2 years ago but knew it HAD to be a Half Hour Organizing Project! I have also included how long you should keep certain kinds of makeup and some containers to use Containers: Acrylic counter top containers Hanging bags Craft tote Baskets Makeup bags How long to keep makeup: Lipstick 1 ... [Continue Reading]

Best Laundry Tip Ever-The Sock Basket

best laundry tip ever

Just a few days ago I shared My Unperfect House Tour and last night as I was doing laundry (again!), I glanced down and realized that I didn't share the BEST IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD! Once in a while I have a really spectacular moment and the sock basket was one of them. The idea came to me about 9 years ago when the twins were about 6 years old and I found myself mumbling under my breath as I paired clean socks up that just came out of the dryer. I was mumbling quiet curse words I'm sure because I HATE pairing socks ... [Continue Reading]

How to Organize for Taxes

how to organize for taxes

Every year I hear the frustrations of folks about tax season. While most of us hate doing our taxes and fear owing the IRS, not being able to find all the documents, receipts, and forms to even start the filing process, adds to the stress. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share some simple tips on how to organize for taxes. And I do mean simple-I do mine with one file because I don't like it to be complicated! Set up files to gather receipts and deductible items Deductible purchases Charity ... [Continue Reading]

What I’m Reading and Why

what I'm reading and why

I recently cleaned out my bookshelves and it gave me time examine what I'm reading and why.  Let's start with the fact that I have A LOT of books. Why? Because I love books! As a little girl I read voraciously, mostly because I loved escaping into the worlds that fiction books offered me, but now as an adult, I find myself lost in books that help me become a better wife, mom, friend, and feed my creative side. I do indulge in a fiction book once or twice a year and Jodi Picoult sucks me in every time with her newest ... [Continue Reading]