Should Kids Have Chores at Home?


Should kids have chores at home?  If so, what age do I start?  Should I pay them? These are questions I get all the time when I speaking to women and working with families. I have seen the full “chore” spectrum in my organizing business and believe me, everyone has an opinion on what is right!  There are the parents who don’t require that their kids lift a finger and the ones who have their kids doing their own laundry by age 7.  There are chore charts, reward systems, punishment systems, payment systems, and open ... [Continue Reading]

How to Raise a Modest Girl (And Why Bother)

Mallory, 16 yrs.

Modesty the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities the quality of behaving and especially dressing in ways that do not attract sexual attention Around our house we call Mallory, my 16-year-old daughter, the morality and modesty police. Actually her friends at school call her that too-a title she proudly wears. We laugh about it often enough, but then I started thinking about HOW she got that way. I mean, I'd love to take all the credit as her mom that Dave and I did so many ... [Continue Reading]

Dear Sports Illustrated: Stop Celebrating Thin & Sexy

sports illustrated swim suit edition

For some reason I started receiving Sports Illustrated at my house this year. Probably some hidden gift with purchase, but the truth is we don't read it so I give most copies away. That was, until yesterday, when the famous swim suit edition arrived in my mailbox. Caught with curiosity, I opened it up. Ever since my step aerobic days of college, I have exercised to get my body to do something it doesn't want to do: stay thin. I'm athleticlly built and being of Mexican descent AND super short, "it" likes to get ... [Continue Reading]

Talking to Your Teens About Sex

teen sex

This was one of the most popular posts here in 2014. I've added a little bit to it as events unfolded for us that I never saw coming.  Talking to your teens about sex starts way before the teen years. I never had a conversation about sex growing up. I don’t even think we talked about periods, pregnancy, or boys, for that matter, so everything felt like a mystery to me.  And a dirty one at that, but I was curious and had these feelings I didn’t know what to do about. So, I experimented and got into situations I didn’t ... [Continue Reading]

16 Things I Want My 16 Year-Old Twins to Know


They are turning 16 today. SIXTEEN! I'm not sure whether to be ecstatic that we've made it this far or cry because it's all going by so fast. The problem with them turning 16 is that I remember being 16 and wow, just wow. So, as we celebrate this milestone today, these are the 16 things I want my 16 year-old twins to know today, on their birthday. 1. Since we told you could date when you were 16, I suppose we have to honor this agreement even though I cannot possibly imagine liking anyone you bring home for us to ... [Continue Reading]