3 Conversations You Must Have with Your Teens

3 conversation you must have with your teens

This post contains some graphic language. Not cussing, but words that might make you cringe. Don't read if you are easily offended or squimish.  When our kids are little it's easy to establish boundaries like "Don't touch that" or "Always ask first" or "Stay in the neighborhood on your bike", but as they enter teenhood, the stakes get higher. By the time they enter middle school the conversations turn to relationships and choices about sex, drugs, and alcohol-all of which are things I didn't think I'd have to talk ... [Continue Reading]

Things to Tell Our Kids {a letter}

things to tell our kids

Two years ago I wrote this letter as my twins were finishing their 8th grade year. Some of you are have your babies finishing Kindergarten or 5th grade or high school and every one of those milestones tug at our hearts. I took out all the really personal stuff  from that post and left the advice I would give any child at any time. So, whatever milestone is happening in your home right now, these are words you can share for a lifetime. My twins graduate from 8th grade tomorrow and I'm kind of having a meltdown.  Not a ... [Continue Reading]

Having “The Talk” with Your Kids- A Story


  I wrote this a couple of years ago and it remains one of the story's that I consistently tell over and over because there are so many lessons in it. Sex talks should be honest and without shame. I encourage you to have frank discussions about sex even though it's uncomfortable.  "Mom, why do people kiss?" Yes, people. These are the questions I'm fielding from my teens these days, so I thought it's time you finally knew how I had "The Talk" with my daughter.  This is the for-real S-E-X talk. No embellishment ... [Continue Reading]

Summer Chore Charts

chore board

I've gotten several requests lately about how to create a summer schedule for kids.  What parents want to know is, is there a chore chart I like, a reward system that works, and a summer agenda framework that actually helps?  In other words, how do I keep my kids from laying around all summer and to be responsible? There are so many great resources online and Money Saving Mom has some free printable charts that are super cute. And Pinterest has no shortage of DIY charts from simple to complicated and elaborate.  But, ... [Continue Reading]

Letter to a Young Mom {Mother’s Day Series}

mother's day

The third installment of the Mother's Day Series, a letter to a Young Mom from me. Dear Young Mom, This might be your first Mother’s Day or maybe you’ve already had a couple. Maybe you’re thinking that this Mother’s Day you just want time to yourself and a break from it all. I get it. When my twins were young I never thought I’d sleep more than 4 hours again. I had thoughts of getting in the car and just driving and driving and driving, wondering how long I could be gone before someone noticed. I also felt ... [Continue Reading]