Summer Chore Charts

chore board

I've gotten several requests lately about how to create a summer schedule for kids.  What parents want to know is, is there a chore chart I like, a reward system that works, and a summer agenda framework that actually helps?  In other words, how do I keep my kids from laying around all summer and to be responsible? There are so many great resources online and Money Saving Mom has some free printable charts that are super cute. And Pinterest has no shortage of DIY charts from simple to complicated and elaborate.  But, ... [Continue Reading]

Letter to a Young Mom {Mother’s Day Series}

mother's day

The third installment of the Mother's Day Series, a letter to a Young Mom from me. Dear Young Mom, This might be your first Mother’s Day or maybe you’ve already had a couple. Maybe you’re thinking that this Mother’s Day you just want time to yourself and a break from it all. I get it. When my twins were young I never thought I’d sleep more than 4 hours again. I had thoughts of getting in the car and just driving and driving and driving, wondering how long I could be gone before someone noticed. I also felt ... [Continue Reading]

Letters to Mom #2 {A Guest Letter}


Last year I asked you to send in letters  for our Letters to Mom series that you would write or did write to your mom. Being a mom isn't always easy and having a mom isn't always easy, but together we can learn lessons in each of our stories and walk forward in grace, forgiveness, and healing. Everyone has their own journey with their mom, whether it be fabulous and un-flawed to painful to non-existent.  Thank you Debi  for being brave and courageous to share your story with us!    Mom,  Where do I begin?  What ... [Continue Reading]

Should Kids Have Chores at Home?


Should kids have chores at home?  If so, what age do I start?  Should I pay them? These are questions I get all the time when I speaking to women and working with families. I have seen the full “chore” spectrum in my organizing business and believe me, everyone has an opinion on what is right!  There are the parents who don’t require that their kids lift a finger and the ones who have their kids doing their own laundry by age 7.  There are chore charts, reward systems, punishment systems, payment systems, and open ... [Continue Reading]

How to Raise a Modest Girl (And Why Bother)

Mallory, 16 yrs.

Modesty the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities the quality of behaving and especially dressing in ways that do not attract sexual attention Around our house we call Mallory, my 16-year-old daughter, the morality and modesty police. Actually her friends at school call her that too-a title she proudly wears. We laugh about it often enough, but then I started thinking about HOW she got that way. I mean, I'd love to take all the credit as her mom that Dave and I did so many ... [Continue Reading]