Find Small Moments

a rainbow from my car window

I used to do a series called Live Better Friday and this was one of posts from that. As I read through all the Live Better Friday moments, this one stuck out. You see, I'm in a hotel room with my 15 year old man-son. Sending him off to lacrosse camp and then driving away. As I watched him sleep this morning, I couldn't help but think how I wanted time to freeze. For him not to keep growing or growing up. When he was little I survived many days by the mantra, "They days are long, but the months are short". Yes, yes ... [Continue Reading]

Social Media & Teens {A story of decisions}

I wrote this last year, but after hearing a lengthy radio talk show regarding social media and teens, I thought we should revisit the issue. What restrictions or boundaries do you have with your kids and their devices, including access to apps? I'd love to hear what you all are doing-what's working AND what's not.  This topic isn't going away. In fact, it's only to grow larger as technology grows. As parents, we MUST keep up with it all and be willing to make some hard choices for our kids. Let me hear your thoughts. ... [Continue Reading]

Mother’s Day Memory Roundup

mothers day memories

This started out to be a fun post about Mother's Day memories, but as the stories poured in, I realized that each one of you, rather than sharing about funny stories or fabulous gifts, shared about deep and meaningful moments. This Mother's Day memory roundup is a small glimpse into the hearts of some moms as we celebrate a day just for us! I asked two questions, prompted by the questions that I had answered for  HLN TV on a Mother's Day piece at the Mom 2.0 Summit. 1. What is your favorite Mother's Day ... [Continue Reading]

Talking to Your Teens About Sex

teen sex

This was the post I wrote that was featured on KludgyMom last week.  Talking to your teens about sex starts way before the teen years. I never had a conversation about sex growing up. I don’t even think we talked about periods, pregnancy, or boys, for that matter, so everything felt like a mystery to me.  And a dirty one at that, but I was curious and had these feelings I didn’t know what to do about. So, I experimented and got into situations I didn’t want to be in and found myself with a pile of regret in my teen ... [Continue Reading]

The Advent Calendar: History & Ideas

Chocolate Advent Calendar

One of our favorite family traditions around Christmas is the Advent calendar. I thought everyone knew about or had an advent calendar each year, but when I delivered one to a friend the other day, she had never seen one and didn't know the story. Here's the story behind the advent calendar some fun ideas. So, I thought it would be fun to share the story with you and show you some different styles of Advent calendars.  Remember, we are no Martha Stewarts around here, so I'm not going to tell you how to hand craft ... [Continue Reading]