ADHD or OSA? Find Out the Difference with Easy Peezy


Disclosure:I was compensated by Easy Peezy for this post. Stories are mine and all true.  My twins were born 9 weeks early and both experienced a variety a health issues as babies. But as they grew into toddlerhood and those things faded away we were thankful that we actually had really healthy kids without any complications. So, when our daughter was in the third grade and begun to exhibit ADHD symptoms, we immediately started down the road to diagnosis. Sure enough, after a battery of tests, she was diagnosed with ... [Continue Reading]

Parents Guide to Teen Dating

parents guide to teen dating

You'll thank me later for this. I'm not going to tell you how to set parental rules for dating and if you're looking for how to talk to your kids about sex, I've covered that before. Instead, I'm going to share a conversation I had with my teen daughter and have since confirmed the truth of it with her friends. I suppose all this could be for any dating relationship, but in this era of everything being digital, I thought we could all use this parents guide to teen dating. Consider it a PSA. 1. Meeting- This meeting ... [Continue Reading]

Raising Polite Kids

raising polite kids.jpg

  I love what my friend Alison says about raising polite kids: "I taught Reagan that manners show people you care about them. It was also (sometimes, still) a LOT of correcting and prompting, but never in a chastising way. I am very proud of my daughter's great manners. But, even though we started manners the moment we could, I'm still teaching her. Consistency is key". Manners show people you care...I love that. While I'm no expert, I have 15 years under my belt when it goes to teaching manners and ... [Continue Reading]

Find Small Moments

a rainbow from my car window

I used to do a series called Live Better Friday and this was one of posts from that. As I read through all the Live Better Friday moments, this one stuck out. You see, I'm in a hotel room with my 15 year old man-son. Sending him off to lacrosse camp and then driving away. As I watched him sleep this morning, I couldn't help but think how I wanted time to freeze. For him not to keep growing or growing up. When he was little I survived many days by the mantra, "They days are long, but the months are short". Yes, yes ... [Continue Reading]

Social Media & Teens {A story of decisions}

I wrote this last year, but after hearing a lengthy radio talk show regarding social media and teens, I thought we should revisit the issue. What restrictions or boundaries do you have with your kids and their devices, including access to apps? I'd love to hear what you all are doing-what's working AND what's not.  This topic isn't going away. In fact, it's only to grow larger as technology grows. As parents, we MUST keep up with it all and be willing to make some hard choices for our kids. Let me hear your thoughts. ... [Continue Reading]