Quit Ironing Your Clothes


I took a very informal survey about ironing: Do you have an ironing session before you hang things up or do you iron clothes as you wear them? The results? No one likes ironing and most people either don't iron or if they do, they iron as they wear the clothes. That's totally me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone spends entire an afternoon ironing a wad of clothes. I once had a friend who ironed her sheets. Her sheets. We aren't friends anymore. If I have to, I send things to the dry cleaner, ... [Continue Reading]

Do the Laundry in 5 Minutes a Day!

laundry sign

Of all the organizing questions I get, laundry remains at the top of the list. And no wonder; every single day it gets added too! There are all kinds of ways folks keep up (or not) with their laundry piles, but I've never found a more simpler way than this. This throw back post will teach you all you need to know! I never want you to have a "laundry day" again.  That is my hope and prayer for you, so several years ago I created my World Famous Laundry system (OK, maybe it's not world famous yet, but it will be).  You ... [Continue Reading]

30 Second Tip to Avoid Paper Clutter

avoid paper clutter.jpg

This week I had the privilege of speaking at a church to a large group of women eager to get organized.  I titled my talk Clear the Clutter. Clear Your Mind and really dove into the reasons to get organized and a few how-to's. One how-to that always comes up and that people ask me about is "what do I do with the mail"?  It's also a question that many of you have asked me too, so I created a video on my 30 second tip to avoid paper clutter and then given you some practical steps. For starters, open it up everyday. ... [Continue Reading]

The Real Reason I Love Cinco de Mayo


Today is Cinco de Mayo. And while I love any reason to eat Mexican food (I am Hispanic afterall!), this day actually meant a lot to me over the years for reasons that had NOTHING to do with Mexico or Mexican food. Here's the real reason I love Cinco de Mayo. I used to celebrate my birthday today even though I was actually born in August. When my mom decided to take her own life on my birthday, my husband encouraged me to pick another day that I could celebrate and make my own, so I chose Cinco de Mayo. For years and ... [Continue Reading]


red tote with handle

Ever try to walk out the door with an arm full of stuff to put in the car? Like library books to return, a tote for work, your gym bag, lunchbox, mail for the post office, etc? How do you get out the door with all your stuff or better yet, remember to even take what you need with you? Well, even I surprise myself sometimes with my ideas and this one goes on top of "My All Time Greatest Moments!"  I created an Out-the-Door-Box a few years back.  Here's how it works: Using any container, place it by the door you ... [Continue Reading]