How to Use a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

How to use a food saver vacuum sealer

  Sometimes things in life come along that are game changers and make everything so much better. For me, the Food Saver Vacuum Sealer is one of those. I almost feel corny telling you about it, but seriously, you are going to need to go get one after seeing how to use it. I've had it about 6 months now and wanted to see if it really made a difference in my budget, in being prepared in the kitchen, and if it really kept food fresher for longer. I can say a resounding YES to all three and so I made a video ... [Continue Reading]

4 Areas to Organize for Fall

fall organizing

  Fall feels like a new beginning.  School has started (or starts soon!), the weather is changing, we are setting some new goals and swear to get organized! To me, this can feel a little overwhelming.  There is so much that needs done and so much I want to do, but I don't know where to start.  When it comes fall projects and fall organizing, I have a narrowed it down to 4 areas to organize for fall that will help us get jump started.  Notice that each area gives you general things to do, so if one of these areas needs ... [Continue Reading]

5 Tasks That Will Save Time to Live Better

I am in the business of organizing and helping you live better.  And because of that, I'm always searching for ways to do the everyday things of life like laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and taking care of stuff, a little bit easier.  I was reminded of all this in a conversation with a friend this weekend as she talked about how much she still had to do to get ready for the next week. After a long conversation about changing how she does some of these tasks, I realized there are 5 things that I think help you save ... [Continue Reading]

The Real Reason I Love Cinco de Mayo


*a repost from last year, but my heart is so filled with gratitude that I just wanted to share this again*  Today is Cinco de Mayo. And while I love any reason to eat Mexican food (I am Hispanic after all!), this day actually meant a lot to me over the years for reasons that had NOTHING to do with Mexico or Mexican food. Here's the real reason I love Cinco de Mayo. I used to celebrate my birthday today even though I was actually born in August. When my mom decided to take her own life on my birthday, my husband ... [Continue Reading]

12 Days of Christmas for the Home {Day 6}

2015 holiday card

Hello friend. Today is Day 6 of the 12 days of Christmas for the home series and we are talking holiday cards.  Are you on track for Christmas day? Behind? Already done?  If you're done, we aren't friends anymore. Last week we ordered stamps from USPS and they should have arrived by now. Did you get yours?  Today you are to either start addressing your Christmas cards or finish them.  I sent out one batch already, but still have a stack to do.  To get them out quick, like before Christmas, make it a family affair.  ... [Continue Reading]