Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 27

important document list

Happy Monday! We are in our last few days of the spring organizing & cleaning challenge and if you haven't noticed, we've not talked about paper at all! Since it's a new week, it's a new topic so here we go... Today you are going to look for and gather all your important documents. This includes:  What I have found is that most folks have this stuff in a bunch of different places or have no idea where it is at all. Once you have found these things, either create a whole file just for these things or ideally, ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 24


It's the almost the weekend and we are beginning to wind down the spring organizing & cleaning challenge. You've done great! Today we are talking about batteries. Most homes that I have been in have batteries thrown in drawers or laying on shelves without an easy way to see what you have or find them. If you don't already a battery station then that's what you will be creating in today's challenge. I have organized batteries a bunch of different ways but I have one favorite way that I'll share in the video below. ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 23


Yesterday we did our winter coat cleaning and storing and to go along with that, today's spring organizing & cleaning challenge is all about storing hats, gloves, scarves and other winter clothing accessories away for the summer. I've talked about this one a bunch of times because these accessories seem to take on a life of their own and not only multiply, but then their mates end up missing! Gather all the hats, gloves, scarves and whathaveyou and wash them if you need too. Just like coats, you don't want to ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Days 18 & 19

drop zone entry way

This is one of the most important things I have ever created in my home. It stopped the "Has anyone seen my keys? My wallet? My sunglasses? My _______?". Today on our spring organizing & cleaning challenge we are creating an area for keys, wallets, sunglasses, and things you use every day. I'm making this a weekend project since it can take up to two days depending on how elaborate you get. If you are just doing a simple drawer as your drop zone then a couple of hours will work. Otherwise, if you are creating a ... [Continue Reading]

Spring Organizing & Cleaning Challenge Day 15

fridge door

How has your refrigerator cleaning gone? Cleaning your fridge is a project that CAN take just a couple of hours, but this spring organizing & cleaning challenge is designed to just take 30 minutes or so a day. I feel like my own fridge needs a good cleaning every couple of months, but just wiping the shelves makes a huge difference! Today is our last day in the fridge, but we also tackle the freezer!  Since we have already done the shelves and fruit and veggie drawers on Days 13 and 14, today we will pull ... [Continue Reading]