Half Hour Organizing Project-Batteries

Stack On-22

Since much of the country is under a snow siege again, it got me thinking about creating emergency kits in case the power goes out or worse. I've talked a lot about that on this blog, but one of the components of the emergency kit is batteries. But batteries are needed all year, not just for emergencies. In this Half Hour Organizing Project we are talking about organizing batteries.  I usually find that folks have batteries thrown in drawers, often junk drawers, and have no idea how to organize them. Last year I ... [Continue Reading]

How to Organize for Taxes

how to organize for taxes

Every year I hear the frustrations of folks about tax season. While most of us hate doing our taxes and fear owing the IRS, not being able to find all the documents, receipts, and forms to even start the filing process, adds to the stress. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share some simple tips on how to organize for taxes. And I do mean simple-I do mine with one file because I don't like it to be complicated! Set up files to gather receipts and deductible items Deductible purchases Charity ... [Continue Reading]

Half Hour Organizing Project-Receipts


Some of you have already done your taxes, while the rest of us are still finding all the receipts we need to actually do the taxes! Either way, we need a system to gather all those receipts instead of a pile. In this Half Hour Organizing Project you are going to create the simplest way to organize receipts ever! There are many ways to organize receipts, but this is the most easy, most simple, and has the best follow through than any other system I have used.  If it's not easy to use, it's likely you won't keep doing ... [Continue Reading]

Dear Sports Illustrated: Stop Celebrating Thin & Sexy

sports illustrated swim suit edition

For some reason I started receiving Sports Illustrated at my house this year. Probably some hidden gift with purchase, but the truth is we don't read it so I give most copies away. That was, until yesterday, when the famous swim suit edition arrived in my mailbox. Caught with curiosity, I opened it up. Ever since my step aerobic days of college, I have exercised to get my body to do something it doesn't want to do: stay thin. I'm athleticlly built and being of Mexican descent AND super short, "it" likes to get ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Crafts

organizing craft supplies

Whether you have a shelf or a closet or a whole room for craft supplies, you can use these variety of these tips for organizing crafts. On this segment of Organize Your Life, I'll show you affordable and DIY ways to organize your crafts with some portable solutions too! As with any organizing project, sort out what you have into categories- Ribbon, stickers, markers, pens, brushes, scissors, paper, tape, etc. Pick the containers that work best for your space- Tackle box for small items Egg container~spray ... [Continue Reading]