Seriously, Go Get a Mammogram

mammogram 1

I don't have breast cancer and no one in my family has ever had breast cancer. But I have been affected by breast cancer. My friend, Amanda, is battling it right now. She's only 32. My friends Gisela and Teri fought and won. As did my friend Lisa, who also was tested for the BRAC-1 gene. And, my friend, Laura, at 47 years old is having her first mammogram and has turned it into a rally for all her girlfriends to get their's done too! We have all read terrible, tragic stories of young women dying from this ... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Organize Around Your House in the Fall


Fall is a great time to organize, but what are the BEST things to tackle as the weather cools? On this segment of Organize Your Life, I share what I think are 5 things to organize around your house in the fall that will make a big difference. Remember, you don't need to do them all. Just pick the one or two that need the most attention and go for it! Garage, attic, or shed- It’s a great time to re-think how you use your garage. If you can’t park in there because of clutter, now is the time to purge it and organize ... [Continue Reading]

Create an Entryway Drop Zone

create an entryway drop zone

I don't know about you, but I got tired of walking into my house everyday with an armful of stuff from the day and dumping it onto my kitchen table! Out of frustration I created an entryway drop zone so that I have a place to actually put all that stuff in an organized way instead of it being in a pile. On this segment of The Hampton Roads Show I share how to create an entryway drop zone no matter what size your home or space may be and ways you can organize it! Every home has an entry way. Whether it’s an ... [Continue Reading]

Half Hour Organizing Project #38-Cold and Flu Box

cold and flu box

Happy Fall! Another cold and flu season is about to start and I want you to be ready when it hits your family!  Get ready to organize a cold and flu box for your home.  In this Half Hour Organizing Project, I'll show you how to quickly create a cold and flu box using almost any container. If you don't have the space for a container, try using a shoe pocket organizer like one of our readers did! Happy Organizing! ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing a Purse

organizing a purse

I don't know about your purse but mine is in a constant state of mess. That's why I set out to find the best way of organizing a purse so that you don't have to dig through it to find things! On this segment of Organize Your Life I share my best tips for organizing a purse and some fun doo-dads from a new company, Initials Inc.  Reduce the amount of stuff you carry around! You don’t need your whole makeup collection in your purse. Use a designated purse organizer such as a this one from Initials Inc.  You can ... [Continue Reading]