Organizing Ideas for Nail Polish, Hair Stuff, & Bathroom Drawers

OrgANizing ideas

All these little things in our bathrooms-nail polish, hair stuff, & bathroom drawers-can get out of control and messy really fast if you don't organize them! On this segment of Organize Your Life, I'll show you some easy, inexpensive and cute ideas for organizing them. All these containers can be found at stores like Target, Dollar Tree, Walmart, or even an office supply store. Be sure to check out thrift stores like GoodWill or Salvation Army for containers too. They often have great containers that have been ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing a BBQ or Picnic

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Happy July!  With the holiday weekend quickly approaching here is a quick way to organize and put together any party or BBQ! Click here for other tips on throwing a party or get together. 1.      Make a list of everything you could possibly need- Print it off and keep a copy so that you have it to use again & again (see list from What’s Cooking & Lea Schneider) 2.      Group picnic- Assign what kind of dish to bring if based on first letter of last name (see flyer) Have everyone bring ... [Continue Reading]

3 Easy Summer Organizing Projects

3 easy summer organizing projects

  Now that summer is here it's time to get all things for outdoor summer fun organized! In this segment of Organize Your Life I'll share 3 easy summer organizing projects that will help you have an awesome summer! Create an Outdoor kit insect repellent cortisone cream sunscreen bandaids wound seal-powder or quik clot Epi pen Bag of Beach supplies towels blanket toys umbrella sunscreen goggles flip flops Create bins of outdoor toys balls shoes pool toys chalk and outdoor paint games ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Sports and Water Bottles

organizing sports and water bottles

I don't know about you, but I find plastic cups and water bottles frustrating to keep organized. They are awkward, tall, don't stack well, so after a lot of digging through my cupboards to them, I finally had an ah-ha moment! Watch the video to see how I organized all our sports and water bottles! Organizing sports and water bottles in containers will make your life so much better. The container you use only needs to fit the cupboard and be easy to slide in and out, so whether it's plastic or wicker or cardboard, it ... [Continue Reading]

5 Mini Home Organizing Makeover Tips

5 mini home tips

Just because you don't have a ton of money doesn't mean you can't do a home makeover! During Makeover Week on the Hampton Roads Show I shared 5 mini home makeover tips that can make a big difference in your home. Each one is great alone, but together, your home will feel and look totally different. DeClutter and purge- Take the time, even if it’s just an hour a week to purge your home of excess. Excess stuff gets left out, stacked, shoved in drawers and fills a space up quickly. We don’t need more room; we need ... [Continue Reading]