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simplified Living

We do professional organizing. You probably knew that, but just in case, pop over to the Organizing tab and check it out. If that’s what you need help with, then email me at to get info or schedule your sessions,  It’s all confidential and no, your house is not the worst we have seen.

Amy Volk

amy volk

I speak. I write. I talk. A lot. Oh, I also do some TV.

I speak to companies about being more productive and purposeful in their work. I teach them how to line up their actions with intention. I also talk to mom’s about how to organize toys, and kitchens, and shoes. I speak to women entrepreneurs about How to Get a Million Things Done and becoming women of excellence in our work and homes.

I get to do this awesome TV gig for WAVY TV (NBC) in Hampton Roads called Organize Your Life twice a month. I scour the stores and internet for products that make our lives better and are actually useful. Then I put together systems for your home and office using these products. I want you to live better.

If you want me to come talk to your group, let’s chat about it. If you have a product you think would make us all live better, I’ll take a look at it. I may also write about it, so watch out.

Email me first at ‘cuz I check email at night, but I probably won’t call you at night. I do answer the phone in the daytime though: 757-615-6980.

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