How to Organize Your Closet

Last year I featured how to organize your closet on the Hampton Roads Show. Since it’s the start of a new year, I thought we should revisit this idea. I have been cleaning out my own closet the past couple of days and just sent off my first bag of online consignment clothes to ThredUp. I talked about ThredUp on a recent segment of Organize Your Life and love all the things I purchased from them, but this time I sent things in to sell!

Closets can be tricky because they take lots of time to go through and you need a good friend to be honest with you about what to keep and what to donate or sell. Just because you “paid good money” for something doesn’t mean you should keep it.

Here is my most recent purge pile and I still have more to do! I’ve had to part with some things I really love, but just aren’t my style anymore or have just gotten really worn and dated. Jeans are the hardest for me to let go of. What about you?

donation pile

#1 Everything should fit.

If it doesn’t, why is it still in the closet?

#2 Everything should be in style within last 5 years

*look older when out of style

*look heavier when styles are too baggy

*look tired and worn out when clothes are faded

#3 You should LOVE everything you put on

*Not eh-eh, but love!  Otherwise, get rid of it.  Better to have just a few things that you love and wear a lot than have a lot of so-so clothes that you don’t feel great in!

1. Make 3-5 “ready” outfits

Have these ready to go all the time; bottom, top, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, socks/hose, belt, scarf, all accessories.

2. Hanger Strategy:

As you are trying to decide what to keep or give up, use the hanger strategy: turn all hangers the wrong way.  As you wear something turn the hanger around. Whatever hangers are still in the wrong direction at end of the season gets donated.

*Also try the clothes pin trick!

3. Group clothes by style:

Short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, jeans, pants, dresses, sweaters, dressy, casual.

4. Add shelving and/or second rod:

5. Recommended tools to organize:

*Use felted hangers and clear plastic shoe boxes for best outcome.

*If not using shoe boxes, make sure you have open shelving for shoes or a hanging shoe organizer.

*Use curtain rod rings with clips for belts and scarves

*Shelf dividers

*Canvas shoe pocket or canvas shelves.

*Baskets for purses, sweaters, T-shirts.

6.  Consider putting a small dresser in the closet

*For undergarments, fitness wear, socks, t-shirts, shorts, small or loose items, hats, etc.


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  1. says

    Amy this is excellent advice! I wrote down lots of notes and you helped me A LOT! Thank you so much! One question: should jewelry be stored in the closet or on your dresser/in the bedroom? Can’t wait to share this with my readers on Facebook today. Love ya girl, Shan

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