How to Organize Your Closet

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#1 Everything should fit.

If it doesn’t, why is it still in the closet?

#2 Everything should be in style within last 5 years

*look older when out of style

*look heavier when styles are too baggy

*look tired and worn out when clothes are faded

#3 You should LOVE everything you put on

*Not eh-eh, but love!  Otherwise, get rid of it.  Better to have just a few things that you love and wear a lot than have a lot of so-so clothes that you don’t feel great in!

1. Make 3-5 “ready” outfits-

Have these ready to go all the time; bottom, top, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, socks/hose, belt, scarf, all accessories.

2. Hanger Strategy:

As you are trying to decide what to keep or give up, use the hanger strategy: turn all hangers the wrong way.  As you wear something turn the hanger around. Whatever hangers are still in the wrong direction at end of the season gets donated.

*Also try the clothes pin trick!

3. Group clothes by style:

Short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, jeans, pants, dresses, sweaters, dressy, casual.

4. Add shelving and/or second rod:

5. Recommended tools to organize:

*Use felted hangers and clear plastic shoe boxes for best outcome.

*If not using shoe boxes, make sure you have open shelving for shoes or a hanging shoe organizer.

*Use curtain rod rings with clips for belts and scarves

*Shelf dividers

*Canvas shoe pocket or canvas shelves.

*Baskets for purses, sweaters, T-shirts.

6.  Consider putting a small dresser in the closet

*For undergarments, fitness wear, socks, t-shirts, shorts, small or loose items, hats, etc.


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  1. says

    Amy this is excellent advice! I wrote down lots of notes and you helped me A LOT! Thank you so much! One question: should jewelry be stored in the closet or on your dresser/in the bedroom? Can’t wait to share this with my readers on Facebook today. Love ya girl, Shan

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