Kitchen Organizing:Canisters for Nuts

I eat a lot of nuts.

I buy them in bulk and then put them in various sizes of Ziploc baggies.  For years, I stored the baggies in a larger bin in the pantry.  But recently, it started driving me, well, nuts {pun intended}.

The bin was cluttered and I was always digging through the bin to look for what I wanted. This past week I pulled them all out.

Good Lord.  I had about 6 different baggies of almonds, 2 of pecans, a canister of cashews and a bag of cashews, and pine nuts.  Because I am a visual person, it’s always best for me to be able to put things in clear containers.  I’m known to forget about it if I don’t {hence, the abundance of almonds}.  Thinking about how to make this better, I decided on clear containers, maybe jars or canisters.

So, I got in the car and went to my happy place, TJMaxx, and bought these canisters. There are 2 different sizes and I already had a smaller one at home.

Why these canisters?  First, they are clear.  Second, they are easy to open and air tight. I tested all the glass canisters and jars at TJMAxx for ease-of-use.  By that I mean, I unscrewed and screwed the lids back on about 10 different types before deciding on these.  If it’s not easy to use, it’s not a good solution.  Never, ever forget that main principle of organizing!

And here is the final result….

You don’t even know how happy this makes me!  I actually just love looking at them.  Look around your home.  What could you easily containerize and organize in these jars?  Cotton balls and Q-Tips? Cereal? Hair ties and bows? The list is endless!

live even better:

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