Organizing a Successful Yard Sale

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With a little preparation you can make a nice chunk of money at your yard sale. In this segment of Organize Your Life, I share tips for organizing a successful yard sale and also how to make it stress free. Summer is the perfect time to hold your yard sale and de-clutter your home and your garage. Happy selling! First things first… Things that sell well- Baby stuff, kids toys, anything for kids Yard tools and tools in general Furniture  1.  Getting the word out- ·        Make a flyer to place in ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing Your Garage with Rubbermaid

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With Fall officially here, it's the perfect time to organize your garage.  Now, I don't know about you, but my garage seems to be the area of our home that gets cluttered, messy, and dirty the fastest.  We come into our home through the garage daily and between sports equipment, school backpacks, and just normal stuff of living, keeping the garage organized is a challenge. A couple of years ago I discovered this Rubbermaid product when we used it in a clients garage organizing project.  It's still my "go-to" solution ... [Continue Reading]

Organizing a Yard Sale Video & Behind-the-Scenes Peek

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TV land seems glamorous doesn't it?  Well, it is and it isn't and if you've never been on a TV set, I encourage you to go be a guest in the audience on The Hampton Roads Show.  You'll see all the behind the scenes tactics we use and starting today, I will include a Sneak Peek on set of every segment of Organize Your Life.   Here we go... You all know I'm short.  Only 5'1" on a good day and the anchors on the show are tall.  Like, really tall compared to me.  When I stand next to them for the segment, it looks odd on ... [Continue Reading]