Half Hour Organizing Project #19-Piles of Paper!

This is episode #19 of the Half Hour Organizing Project and it all about piles of paper.  We all have it, but some of us keep it in piles on the desk, the countertop, the floor, and the kitchen table.  Purging paper takes time and it can take a long time. Never fear, I'll show you what to do. This Half Hour Organizing Project is all about those piles of paper!  Ready, set, go! ... [Continue Reading]

Post-it Home Collection Review {video}

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Whenever I run across products that I think you must ABSOLUTELY know about, I share them with you! While shopping at Target yesterday, I ran across this new collection from the Post-it people at 3M. Originally this collection was only available at the Container Store, but now it's available to the masses like you and I. The Post-it Home Collection has about 10 different items in it that will help you jog your memory and keep things organized for you! Watch the video to see my two favorite pieces from the collection, ... [Continue Reading]

How to Get Rid of Paper

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  Information is only useful if you can retrieve it.  Stacks of papers don't tend to be useful because it's difficult to find a single paper in a stack when you need it. Piles of papers happen when decisions aren't made to about what to do with the paper.  Piles of mail, piles of print outs, piles of coupons, piles, piles, piles are all the result of this: "I may need this or I do need this but I'm not going to deal with it right now."  Bam...it goes into a pile. So what's a person to do? If you have ... [Continue Reading]

Scrapbooking for the Rest of Us


I am a scrapbooking  failure.  I once went to a Creative Memories party and spent like a million dollars.  I got everything she said I needed to create the scrapbooks of my life...one for each kid, one for my wedding 10 years prior,  one for every vacation and family reunion, and one for each dog.  I'd say I did about 5 pages done before overwhelm set in.  And to be honest, I couldn't see how I would ever have the time or space to lay out pages and beautifully, if not meticulously, glue, cut, and trim.  So I gave it ... [Continue Reading]